Non-Linear Optical Systems

Quantum Technology, Inc. (QTI) has pioneered in the growth and application of Non-Linear Optical (NLO) crystals, especially the tetragonal Arsenates ADA, AD*A, RDA, RD*A, CDA, and CD*A. QTI also grows Electro-Optical (EO) crystals of ADP, AD*P, KDP, KD*P, LilO3 and many others. QTI designs Angle Tuned (AT) and Temperature Tuned (TT) NLO systems with ovens and digital temperature controllers for non-critical phase-matching these crystals, to produce laser harmonics. Also supplied are NLO crystals such as BBO, LBO, KTP, LiNbO3, LiTaO3,and AgGaSe2 and many other single crystals that have an application to MIX, MATE, MATCH, MULTIPLY, or OPO potentially useful laser frequencies. QTI offers many unique products such as Rugged Airborne Harmonic Generators, Monolithic Tripler and Quadrupler, or Argon Laser (514nm) SHG system. QTI also developed a unique high damage Polymer Coating for LBO, BBO crystals and for dry Pockels cells. The leadership of QTI in this NLO field is unequaled. We also offer quick turn around on polishing and coating services. Our harmonic generation systems are individually tested at specific Nd-YAG harmonics by experienced technicians. Many of these products are current industry standards as they are the result of cooperatively working with laser specialists since 1969. (View Informational Photographs)

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